Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt Telecom AS isolation - BGPlay show it ?

January 31, 2011 – Update:
An interesting snapshot of Egyptian's malware activity. ASN 20928 appears like still active

Egypt's malware activity post internet shutdown

Why One Egyptian ISP is Still Online

January 29, 2011 – Update:

I try to make the following video to shown what's  happened. BGP Isolation "frame by frame":


January 28, 2011:

isolation of the Internet in Egypt, I tried to see if is possible see something with a good tool: BGPlay. As input data I inserted AS8452 (Egypt Telecom) prefix labeled as "all routers". This information I obtained via robtex as follows: So, the inserted data are the prefix and the range date/time in latest 24h:

The result
is interesting
. For an animation could be better try to insert the value using BGPlay directly. (

The BGP traffic situation at 27/01/2011:

After the BGP withdrawals sequence the situation, now, appear in this mode:

The RIPE has also released a tool for check BGP withdrawals and announment requests:


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  2. Hi anonymiyus, I have no time to ask to the author of this picture rights for publish a picture that you can find in many others blog and website. I think that is not one of the biggest problem in the world in this period. Anyway I have removed the graph generated by Arbor. Keep in mind that many users use my pictures that are result of research and job of mine. And except in some cases I never ask rights.