Friday, November 2, 2012

extraexploit memories

Months and years ago, I spent many nights trying to expose what the cyber security was (is) avoiding the  academic perspective, although, my first post was quite close to an academic point of view   (the top cc tld called by conficker.C). I can remember a lot of posts never completed and tons and tons of grammar ,spelling and language mistakes... however I hope that something is still remained alive somewhere else.

Here I  found, thanks to mere random clicks sequences, a repository where is cached one of the most interesting (IMHO) posts I ever released in the past.

At that time i  spent nights to track and logs URLs , and was a funny period where all was done just to try to show something. I don't know if this link is trusted or not, so any bad consequence, is not my fault:

"some considerations on Ettercap source code repository breach"

Another good entry was the BGPlay "movie" during the Egypt protest where Internet was obscured by the Egyptian authorities in place at that time:

I still laughing remembering that  "ugly" movie that I released, but was has been used by a lot of media agencies to show what happens  when a country is isolated by the rest of the World from a Internet connectivity point of view.

Other posts have been mentioned in security advisories and so on even though the very poor and badly written English.

I would like just to say thank you to all the that came across this blog . I have also to thanks all the people they allowed me to growth up in terms of knowledge and skills.

This is the (reviewed) 100th post. The last one :-).

Thank you very much to all.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

the last/final touch!

It's very sad to recognize and discover that the screenshots on my blog, which for some reason have been saved in the "Gallery" of my Android mobile phone, once cleared from there, will be deleted from the Google cloud! Someone could confirm this ? This blog has been to me a lot although I have ceased to update it ... but with this last touch .. I almost want to finalize it.

what remains of my blog:*/